Open Questions

Answer the following questions:

  • You can write your answers in the comments
  • You can just say the answers out loud.
  • You can also record them and listen to them again and check your speaking yourself
  1. Are there any people you know you have difficulty telling apart? Who/Why
  2. Is there anyone famous you look like? Who/Why?
  3. Do you know any people that come across differently than they really are? Who/Why?
  4. Do you have issues telling one thing from the other? Which things/ why?
  5. Do you really blend in well at parties, or do you always stand out?
  6. Are there any people you know who stand out? Who/Why?
  7. Do you back down easily, or do you never really give up?
  8. Which friend can you always count on? Why? What have they done for you?
  9. When was the last time you had to dress up? Why?
  10. Do you think alcohol and driving go well together? Why/why not?

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