Socializing dialogue

Language is learned in context, so before starting to look at the language, let's first have a look at the context.

People talkin

Here is the dialogue the 2 people are having.

  • Jack: Fancy bumping into you here.
  • Ellie: Yea, I usually don’t go here, but my regular lunch place was closed.
  • Jack: So, what are you up to these days? 
  • Ellie: Not much, same old. What about you?
  • Jack: Nothing much, but I’m celebrating my birthday tonight. I’m meeting up with some friends at my place and then we are going out for some drinks. Do you feel like coming over?
  • Ellie: I was going to stay in and have a lazy evening, but sounds much better. Thanks for asking me over.
  • Jack: Why don’t you drop by my place around 8?
  • Ellie: I’d love to.
  • Jack: Great, then maybe we can catch up later.
  • Ellie: Great, see you around 8 at your place.
  • Jack: Yea, see you later. Bye.
  • Ellie: Bye.
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