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I’m Kristof and I’ll be your guide. I’ve been teaching English for more than 15 years now on 4 different continents, so I have a pretty good idea of what my students’ needs are. And if you ask them almost all will say, we need more grammar and I will tell them, no, you need more vocabulary!

It is true that grammar is important and that good grammar helps and it’s nice to make little mistakes when speaking, but there comes a time when you also need to be better at expressing yourself with vocabulary. And that time is now!

At around B1 level (intermediate) students start to feel comfortable with the language and they use it well. They just don’t feel that they are progressing as much as before. This is because at this level you have seen most of the grammar and most of it is just review or putting multiple grammar points together. Still, there is more than plenty of vocabulary in their course, but students fail to focus on it, because they feel they can already express themselves well. This leads to students dropping out, since they feel they are not really learning that much anymore, which is sad.

That’s why it’s paramount for students to focus on vocabulary. By doing so, you can now really say what you want, rather than say something general that comes close to what you want to say. Going to higher levels of English doesn’t mean just speaking with less mistakes, it also means using a bigger range of vocabulary to be more precise at what you want to say.

For this reason I designed the course, to help students express themselves better, and which better way to do this is with phrasal verbs. Just because they are so natural to native speakers they don’t even know they are using them. Sure you can avoid using them and say it in a different way, but focusing on phrasal verbs will really bring you to the next level of your learning.

So I wish you good luck on your journey, may you learn a lot, maybe it be useful, but also fun.

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