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About the course

In this vocabulary course you will focus on phrasal verbs.

You will learn 110 phrasal verbs on 11 different topics. That’s 10 phrasal verbs per topic.

You will practice different skills:

  • listening to the phrasal verbs
  • writing the phrasal verbs
  • reading exercises on the phrasal verbs
  • speaking and pronunciation on the phrasal verbs
  • and more

You will practice different exercise:

  • matching
  • multiple choice
  • pronunciation
  • writing
  • and more

You will also play different games:

  • flashcards
  • crosswords
  • word search
  • and more

You will also have access to extra resources:

  • kahoot
  • baamboozle
  • quizlet
  • downloadable and printable worksheets

For more details have a look at the course overview below or read the introduction unit.


Most frequent questions and answers about the course

They are used by every native speaker in almost every conversation, multiple times. This means you need to understand them to be able to understand the conversation. It will also enrich your language development. You can avoid using phrasal verbs, but it will be much easier to use them and you will sound more natural.

Yes, you can try a whole unit and all of the exercises, games, and practise for free

No, it is a stand alone course that is currently not attached to any classes. In the future, if the course is very popular additional live classes will be provided for you to practise the languages in a speaking class. If you want to know what the course is like take some of the lessons for free.

Yes, anything you write in the comments I will have a look at and give feedback and correction on.

Yes, you can always contact me and book a live class to practise the language or any other language.

You can start anywhere you want. You can do any module you want and you can do any exercise you want to do when you want to do it. But first buy it here.

No, but it is better to do some exercise at the beginning before you do some more difficult tasks at the end.

No, you don’t. You can pick the ones you like most. That’s why there are so many different tasks, so you have the choice to pick what you like. That way you learn best.

To give you the choice, so you can do what you like. It also gives you some repetition of the language in different practices. This repetition helps you learn the language.

Yes, in the future more courses will be developed and more courses will come for you to learn different parts of English.

You can communicate in the comments, and respond to what they write. There is no chat function or forum for you to discuss things.

All comments are moderated. This is to avoid spam, to make sure people don’t use any rude language and are nice to each other. When I have had a look at them I will put it online

You might need to wait for me to check and moderate it. It can also be that you spammed or used rude language. In that case the comment will not appear at all.

Most frequent questions and answers about payment

You can pay through Stripe which accepts any major credit card.

All payments go through Stripe. I do not have access to any of your payment details. The website is secure using an SSL certificate making it impossible for me to have access to any of your payment data.

Yes, you have 7 days to get a full refund and get all your money back.

I only have access to your email, username name and last name.

Nothing. It’s only needed for you to have access to the website.

No, but the website needs it for you to access the different courses.

That is the only way the courses can be protected. Otherwise everyone has access to it for free.

Yes, because if you lose your password or forget it you can reset it through your email.

No, you will only get emails for registration, to get access to the site and a periodical reminder to help you study.

No. They are annoying and I personally hate them. So, no I don’t use them on the site.

No. I only advertise my personal courses, there are no outside advertisements annoying anyone to buy shampoo or whatever.

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