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Phrasal verbs course

About the course

In this vocabulary course you will focus on phrasal verbs.

You will learn 110 phrasal verbs on 11 different topics. That’s 10 phrasal verbs per topic.

You will practice different skills:

  • listening to the phrasal verbs
  • writing the phrasal verbs
  • reading exercises on the phrasal verbs
  • speaking and pronunciation on the phrasal verbs
  • and more

You will practice different exercise:

  • matching
  • multiple choice
  • pronunciation
  • writing
  • and more

You will also play different games:

  • flashcards
  • crosswords
  • word search
  • and more

You will also have access to extra resources:

  • kahoot
  • baamboozle
  • quizlet
  • downloadable and printable worksheets

For more details have a look at the course overview below or read the introduction unit.

Quizelt 10 phrasal verbs to describe people

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