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Most frequent questions and answers

You can pay through Stripe which accepts any major credit card.

All payments go through Stripe. I do not have access to any of your payment details. The website is secure using an SSL certificate making it impossible for me to have access to any of your payment data.

Yes, you have 7 days to get a full refund and get all your money back.

I only have access to your email, username name and last name.

Nothing. It’s only needed for you to have access to the website.

No, but the website needs it for you to access the different courses.

That is the only way the courses can be protected. Otherwise everyone has access to it for free.

Yes, because if you lose your password or forget it you can reset it through your email.

No, you will only get emails for registration, to get access to the site and a periodical reminder to help you study.

No. They are annoying and I personally hate them. So, no I don’t use them on the site.

No. I only advertise my personal courses, there are no outside advertisements annoying anyone to buy shampoo or whatever.

Kristof Abrath

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