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I did my CELTA in October-November 2005 in the Lewis school of Languages in Barcelona. I had a wonderful time there and the trainers were amazing. Still, I remember how scared I was trying to be a teacher for the first time. I was also the only non native speaker in the group of 7, 3 Americans, 3 Brits and me. The first time I had to plan a 15 minute lesson took me 3 hours. I have ‘grown’ since then. I did my modular DELTA in 2017 while working for the British Council Colombia and after that I was a TEFL teacher trainer for 3 years in Prague at The team I worked with was amazing as well and they are all very professional and passionate about teaching.

There I mostly taught lesson planning and some Methodology. I also had the opportunity to observe at least 500 trainees and give feedback on lessons. And I met so many wonderful trainees on their path on becoming a successful teacher. I still teach English to children and adults, but I also do some teacher training workshops on different topics

I hope this CELTA/ TEFL  resource page will help you with your journey on becoming a certified English teacher. Or it even help beginner teachers with some of the issues they are facing when teaching English.

If you have any questions or anything you would like me to write about, just write it in the comments bellow

TEFL Trainer

A video from when I was a TEFL Trainer at


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