Grammar Boot Camp

Tenses Level 2

Grammar Bootcamp

Tenses Level 2
75 That's only 7.5€ per class
  • 10 hours course
  • Live online group class
  • Max 12 students
  • Access on Computer
  • Access on Mobile
  • Extra exercises
  • Certificate

In this online face-to-face 10 hour course over 10 weeks you will focus on:

  1. Present simple
  2. Present continuous
  3. Present simple vs present continuous
  4. Simple past
  5. Past continuous
  6. Simple past vs past continuous
  7. Present perfect
  8. Present perfect vs simple past
  9. Will vs to be going to
  10. Narrative tenses: simple past, past continuous and past perfect

Who is it for?

  • Students who want to refresh their basic English tenses
  • Students who need more English tenses practice
  • Students who have some understanding of English (CEFR A2-B1)

When is it?

  • The course starts Wednesday 8th March 2023 at 12AM till 1PM (GMT+1) and finishes Wednesday 10th May
  • There are 10 classes each on Wednesday from 12AM till 1PM (GMT+1)
    • 6 AM Bogota
    • 11 AM London
    • 12 PM Paris
    • 2 PM Riyadh
    • 6 PM Ho Chi Minh City
    • 8 PM Seoul
Grammar bootcamp tenses 2

Who is the teacher?

I am Kristof, I have been teaching English since 2006 in Indonesia, Belgium, Vietnam, Tunisia, Myanmar, Colombia and Czech Republic and have more than 15 years experience teaching different levels and ages. For the last 3 years I have taught more than 1200 hours online classes to more than 4000 students from countries around the world.

Want to know more: here’ my story

Here’s my CV

What previous students said

What do I need?

  1. A good internet connection
  2. A microphone
  3. A camera
  4. A computer or smart phone
  5. Time
  6. A quite space to focus, speak, listen and learn.

What will we do in class?

  • Practice speaking English using the grammar of that class.
  • Speak to other students from around the world
  • Do some written grammar exercises
  • Speaking in English using the grammar
  • Get the grammar explained
    • When to use it (usage)
    • How you make it (form)
    • How to pronounce it (pronunciation)
  • Get the chance to ask questions about the grammar

Overview of the class

  1. Warm up, talking about a topic
  2. Grammar presentation: to help you review/ understand the practice
  3. Some grammar practice
  4. Speaking practice using the grammar
  5. Error correction & Feedback

Example of error correction in class

What more is included?

  • Many additional grammar exercises and practice to do after class. To help you practice the grammar more.
  • Class slides with what we did in class, the grammar presentation and explanation and additional error correction. So, you can read it again on your own time and review what we did in class.

How to register?

  1. Pay for the course
  2. Create a username and password

Any more questions?

If you have any more questions or want to make sure the course is good for you, just contact me. I’ll be happy to help you with all your questions.

FAQ Grammar Boot Camp

You book the class by paying by credit or debit card. You then get immediate access to the course.

A week before the course starts you will get a .reminder and get all the information to start the online class, including the Zoom class link.

To get access to the classes you need to pay first. Once you have paid by debit or credit card you will get access to the course. The Zoom to join the classes you will get a week before the classes start. This link you can then use to access the classes, by just clicking on it.

  • A computer or tablet.You can use a phone but it does not always work and you can have  some problems.
  • A good internet connection, so you can listen to and watch the other students.
  • A Camera, so the other students can see you. It’s very boring to talk to a black screen.
  • A microphone, so you can speak to the other students and the teacher. It’s very hard to have a speaking class when you can’t speak.
  • Speakers, so you can hear the teacher and the students.
  • Zoom, the free software you need to access the classes (it’s a program like, skype, or messenger,…)
  • A headset, you can usually use the microphone on your computer but there might be some echo.
  • A quiet space with not too much noise, so you can focus on the class.

No, you can use the browser, but installing it give you a better user experience.

  • The course starts Wednesday 8th February 2023 at 12AM till 1PM (GMT+1) and finishes Wednesday 12th April
  • There are 10 classes each on Wednesday from 12AM till 1PM (GMT+1)
    • 6 AM Bogota
    • 11 AM London
    • 12 PM Paris
    • 2 PM Riyadh
    • 6 PM Ho Chi Minh City
    • 8 PM Seoul

local time. You can find your local time here.

The classes are in Local Prague Time (GMT +1). The world is round and different countries around the world have different times. Here you can find your GTM zone and time.

Yes, is a a 10 hour course. You book for the whole course, you cannot just book for 1 hour.

Like in the real world, if you miss a class, you miss it. There are no makeup classes at the end of the course for students who missed a class.

The class is open 5 minutes before it starts, for example 19.55 when the class starts at 20.00 The class closes 10 minute after start, so for example 20.10. Once the class is closed you can no longer join it. This is done so the students are in the class can enjoy it. It is not really fun in class when people keep coming and going.

So, if you arrive late, you can join the next class for free. Hopefully you will be on time the next class.

This means you arrived late to class. After 10 minutes the class is locked and you cannot join anymore. Next time just try to be on time.

This means you came to class too early or too late. When the class starts at 20.00 Local time on a Tuesday and you come to class at 18.00 there won’t be a class. If you come Thursday there won’t be a class. This is just like in a real world class. You can’t just show up to a class whenever you want. There is a timetable, you come to class that day that time.

Yes, you do. It’s very boring to have a conversation to a black screen. Imagine you came to class with a bag over your head, how would the other students feel. Sometimes when your internet connection is too slow you can turn off your camera. The same if you do an exercise on your own, or if you need to go to the bathroom.

No, you don’t but it helps. Sometimes there is an echo when someone does not have a headset, and that can be disturbing to the rest of the class. You can just use the simple headset you use for your phone and plug it in the computer this should work.

Preferably yes. You can use a tablet and it should still be ok. With phones and some tables you might lose functionality. This means you might not be able to do everything the other students are doing in class.

Yes, that way I know your name and when you come to class I can let you inside. This is done to prevent unwanted people from coming into class and disturbing the class. If I see your name I know you are one of my students and I will let you enter the class.

The first thing is getting closer to your router (the box that gives you internet). If that does not work, try connecting your computer with a cable to the box. If that does not work, switch off your camera in class. If that does not work, talk to your internet company and see what is wrong or get a better internet connection.

No problem, you just join the class again with the same link and I will let you get back into the class.

Any more questions?

Kristof Abrath

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