Grammar boot camp Level 1

You will study, review and practice:

  • Present simple positive
  • Present Simple negative
  • Present Simple questions
  • Simple Past regular
  • Simple Past irregular
  • Simple Past regular and irregular
  • Present Continuous
  • Present Continuous vs Present Simple
  • future: to be going to for plans
  • future: to be going to for predictions
  • Present Perfect for experience
  • Present Perfect vs Simple Past

Level test

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Level 1 is a self-access, self-study online grammar course for A2 Elementary level English students. This means there are no live classes, only videos and other practice and exercises. There is the possibility to write and leave comments which will be read and corrected by me. This means you can do the course when you want, and practice as much as you want.

You can go through the different lessons from 1 to 12 or you can choose the order in which you want to do the lessons. Each of the 12 lessons will have different parts, which again you can take in the order you want. The lessons are not live, this means you can do the lessons whenever you want and take as much time as you need to do them. There is no time limit! You can do all lessons in 1 day if you have the time or over multiple days, weeks or even months. I do recommend you take your time to do as much practice as possible. This will help you the most.

Different lesson Parts


In each of the 12 lessons you will have access to many different videos helping you understand and practise the different tenses. You have some videos you can just watch to understand how it works as well as some interactive videos and you are asked questions to check if you understand what you are learning.


For each of the 12 lessons you various practice exercises for you to practise the form (how to make the tense), the usage (when and how to use the tense), and the pronunciation (how to pronounce the tense)

You will have exercises with:

  • True, false questions
  • Yes, no questions
  • Multiple choice exercises and questions
  • 2 choice exercises and questions
  • Open question and open exercises
  • Exercises to construct sentences
  • Answer different questions using the different tenses
  • Speaking practice
  • Write short sentences using the tenses
  • Write bigger texts using the tenses
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Listening practice
  • Reading practice

The exercises go from easier to more difficult. You can do the exercises in any order you want.  You can skip exercises if you think they are too easy.


There will also be a help function where you can ask questions about the lessons to me and I will answer them personally

PDF Files

For all of the videos, grammar explanations and practice exercises you will be able to download them in PDF form, print them out and review them when you want.

Student discussion

You will be able to discuss questions with other students (though not live), you will be able to comment on other students’ answers

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Not sure if level 1 is good for you? Do the level test.

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