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All classes are currently conducted by Kristof Abrath, IČO:7420609, 542 04, Bernartice 161, Czech Republic. You can contact me at: [email protected] for any problems, issues or comments you have.


The classes are online classes with a teacher, Kristof Abrath. They are not live streaming events where you have no opportunity to speak with the teacher and the other students. They are also not a video you just watch. 

The classes are normally 1 hour long, but can possibly finish up to 10 minutes late. The maximum group of students is set at 15. Still most classes are smaller in nature and most of the time do not pass 12 students. 

The students are most of the time a mix of different people with different backgrounds, different ages and different countries.

You will work in small groups, and pairs and the primary focus of the classes is speaking, unless otherwise requested by the teacher.


Level 1 corresponds to A2 level students who have had at least 1 to 2 years of English practice.

Level 2 corresponds to B1 level students who have had at least 2 to 3 years of English practice.

Level 3 corresponds to B2-C1 level students who have had at least 3 to 4 years of English practice.

If for some reason you feel you are too strong or too weak for the class and you would like to go a level up or down, there is no problem. 

If your level is too weak to attend the current class, you will be asked to leave, as not to hinder the other students learning. You can either ask for a refund or attend a lower level class next time for free.


During the class different materials will be used which are suited for the class.

After the class you will get in your email:

  1. A copy of the class slides 
  2. A copy of the language feedback if applicable
  3. A copy of some additional exercises for self study

You can also contact me after class at: [email protected] if you have any questions related to the class and the lesson.

The materials are included in the price of the class.


At all times you will need to respect the other students and the teacher. If you cannot behave in a respectful manner you will be asked to leave the class. If you do not leave the class when asked you will get kicked out of class. If you cannot be respectful you will be banned from all the classes and get a refund for classes you paid for, but haven’t attended yet.

Technical requirements

The classes are organized on Zoom, which you can download here: You should also try to use Zoom on a computer or laptop. You might lose some functionality when using Zoom on Tablets or phones. You will have to update Zoom on a regular basis and keep it up to date.

You will need a stable internet connection which is able to handle video conferencing and live streaming. 

You will need a computer or laptop, preferable if not a tablet. The classes are not made to do on a smartphone. You will lose functionality and will not be able to do certain tasks in the class.

You will need a working microphone and camera to participate in the classes. If you do not have a working microphone and or camera you might be asked to leave the classes. The classes are meant to participate not to just observe and watch. If asked to leave you can come back the next class for free if you have a working microphone and camera by then.


The current price for the class is 9Euro, which needs to be paid before getting access to the classes, the Zoom link and the extra materials.


To register for the classes you just need to fill in the registration form, with your first name, family name and email for the correct level class you want to attend. We need this information to send you the link for the classes as well as to give you access to the classes based on your name.

If for some reason you have registered for the wrong level we can change your level before the class starts and get you the new Zoom link for the other level class. If you feel after the class you are too weak or too strong, you can change levels.

If on the other hand I the teacher, Kristof Abrath, thinks you are too weak for the level you will have to change for a lower level. This is done so you are more comfortable with other students and your learning benefits the most.

You cannot share the Zoom link with other potential students or other people. The Zoom link is only for you. If you share the link you will be not admitted to the classes and you will lose the right for any refunds of any kind.

When you register you are as well asked to sign up to the mailing list. This list gets you information about future classes and other events. You will receive an email to opt in for the mailing list. If you do not want to get additional information you always not register for the mailing list. 


All payments are done through debit or credit card, which are processed through Paypal: For any issues with payment contact I do not have access to any of the payments, your bank details or any other personal data. I’m also not personally responsible for any issues you might have with Paypal.

If for any reason you cannot pay by card you can request a payment by bank transfer by contacting me: [email protected]. Any costs that are part of the transfer are for the customer to pay, and cannot be reduced from the total cost of the class/course.

Access to the classes

Once payment is received and processed you will get the zoom link for the classes within 24 hours. If you do not get your link in time for the classes, you can join the next class for free. If you register too late for the class you will get access to the next class. If we do not receive your payment in time you won’t get access to the class until your payment is received in full.

To get access to the classes you just need to click on the link you have received in your email and fill in the password if requested. 

You will have to have your name visible in Zoom when you try to get access to the classes. If your Zoom name does not correspond with the name you have used to register we can refuse you the classes. This is done for security reasons, and not to compromise the other students. 

Before entering the Zoom classes you will be put in the waiting room. If your name is not on the student list for the class you will be sent a chat message in Zoom to change your name to your registration name. If you do not comply, you won’t get access to the classes. In these circumstances we are not responsible and cannot give you a refund. The best thing we can do is get you the next class for free instead.

You can access the classes 5 minutes before the starting time. For example, the start is at 20.00, the class will be open at 19.55.


You can ask for a full refund before the classes have started or ask to take the class some other time. You can change the date of your class for up to 2 times. After that you will not be given a refund and any money paid will be forfeited and seen as a completed class.

You cannot ask for refunds for classes you have attended. The only reasons you can get a refund after class is:

  • if your level was too weak and you should go for a lower level, but do not want to attend a lower level class.
  • If there were technical difficulties on the teacher’s side, the class was canceled and you do not want to attend the next class for the same price.

For people who pay multiple classes, you can only ask for a refund for the remaining classes you have left. 

You cannot ask for a refund when you come late to class and or miss part of the class.

Class transfers

If you are too weak or too strong for the level, you can be transferred to a different level class, which most likely will run on a different day. If you cannot attend the different day you will be given a refund.


You can cancel the class at any time before the class starts. You cannot cancel after the classes have started.

If the teacher cancels the class, you will be notified before and can either ask for a refund or attend the next class for free. 

If for any reason you paid but did not attend the class, you can do the next class for free or ask for a refund.

Technical difficulties

We are not responsible for any technical issues you might have on your side. You need to have a stable internet connection, a working microphone and camera to be able to participate in the classes. 

If there are difficulties on the teachers side and the class is not able to run you will get the next class for free or if you want a refund.

Coming late to class

Classes start 5 minutes before time. 15 minutes after the class has started the class gets locked and you will not be able to access the class anymore. This means you can either attend the next class for free or ask a refund. This is done so the students who are in class can continue learning without too much disruption.


All classes are recorded and can be used in whole or parts for educational and/or promotional use.

When you sign up for a class, you declare that you have read and agreed with the terms and conditions.

Kristof Abrath

For further questions, you can contact me at: [email protected]

Kristof Abrath

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