Present Perfect Vs Present Perfect Continuous

Practice exercises

Present perfect vs present perfect continuous

Table of Contents

Gap fill exercise 1 Action VS State

Gap fill exercise 2 Quantity vs length

Gap fill exercise 3 Finished vs Unfinished

Gap fill exercise 4 Evidence for longer actions vs short actions

Gap fill exercise 4 Mixed


Have a look at the questions and write your answers in the comments below. Also give us some more details about when, where, why,….

  1. What outdoor activities have you been participating in lately? 
  2. Have you ever met someone famous? 
  3. Have you been learning a new skill or language recently? 
  4. What are some personal challenges you have faced in your life? 
  5. Have you been spending more time with your family or friends recently? 
  6. Have you ever experienced a significant change in your hometown or city?
  7. Are there any books, movies, or TV shows you have read or watched many times?
  8. Have you been travelling or exploring new places in recent months?
  9. What have you been doing to stay active and healthy lately?
  10. Can you describe a recent project or task you’ve been working on recently?

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