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Want to improve your English, but you don’t know how

The best way to start is with either reading or listening to English. Still, most English will be too challenging for you, so you give up and never read again. That’s why they created graded readers. English books changed/ adapted to fit the level of the students. It’s the same story, but depending on the level the language is either easier or more difficult.

Sure you can go to a good bookstore and buy some, or maybe you are lucky and your English school has some graded readers in their library, but what for anybody else? What do you do?

You look for some graded readers online is a website that offers FREE English graded readers to students, you only need to register. 

Then you pick your level, something that is not too easy or too difficult for you, and select a book you like. You can either read the book online, or easily download it in different formats. Some books even have an audio script of the book. That way you can easily read and/or listen at the same time.

Select your level at the bottom

Information about your book

So, no more excuses to improve your English!

Go register, pick a book and tell us which book you enjoyed the most!

Still not sure on how to do it or need more info?

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Kristof Abrath
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Teaching in English on 4 different continents since 2006.

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