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Baamboozle the kahoot alternative

Don’t be bamboozled by, but it is a really good alternative for kahoot. The nice thing about it is that unlike with, the students don’t need a mobile device.

What is it?

It’s an online website that lets you play vocabulary or grammar games with your English students. You can also use it for any other subject, French, Maths, Biology,… so it’s ideal for any teacher or STEM teaching.

How does it work?

You create a free account, as always there is a paid option, but the free one is enough. You look for some vocabulary or grammar you want to review or easily create your own baamboozle game. I do have to say that the search function is not really amazing and it is rather challenging to find what you need! In this sense is much much better. So, I hope in the future they will sort that out. Once you have what you need you start the game and project it on the board. Unlike kahoot this is a team game, so you need to put the students in teams. The students select a number and a question appears, which they need to answer. There is a multiple choice option, but that is for paid accounts. The students answer and you check if they have the correct answer. When correct you award them the points. This means it doesn’t need to 100% correct and you can still give points for a good answer. As always the team with the most points wins. There is a twist though, you can play the classic version, which gives random extra points or takes points away if you select a number without a question. This means that not always the smartest team wins. The students hate it, but still want to play with the function to add some extra suspense.

baamboozle games
baamboozle game
baamboozle example question

Why use it?

Because it is fun to play games with students without them realising they are learning. Plus it is a team effort and something different than always Finally, like I said before you can use it for anything.

Watch out for!

  • You do need a stable internet connection in the class
  • You need a computer and a projector to show the baamboozles
  • The students do not need a mobile device!
  • You need teams

How I have used it?

  • to teach new vocabulary 
  • as filler to keep the students busy when we still have some more time left
  • as a warmer to get the students thinking about the topic
  • to review vocabulary they have already seen
  • have a look at grammar and do grammar gap fills where they select the possible answers
  • as a treat after some hard work in class
  • with children, teens and adults

So, what are you waiting for? Go play some Baamboozle with your students and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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