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Are you tired of always spending so much time on making speaking questions which your students finish in 5 minutes?

Then maybe you should try! This was the first website I ever used to quickly find some discussion questions for my students. (There are others, but I’ll talk about them in a different post) They have a few hundred topics and I’m sure you can find a topic for your lesson.

free English discussion questions iteslj

I just copy pasted some of the questions (you do need to make a selection: there are too many and some and not really useful) on a piece of paper, printed it out and done. Or you have some time to spare in class just project the questions and let the students pick a few they want to talk about with their partner or group.

I would say the questions are suitable for teens and adult, for smaller children you can use the questions as inspiration and adapt them or create some new ones. 

Which websites do you use to get your discussion questions?

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