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Presenting new Vocabulary

Teachers workshops Presenting new vocabulary

Outline of the workshop

This 6 hr (8*45mim) seminar will focus on deepening the theoretical knowledge of teaching English vocabulary. We will be looking at defining the role of vocabulary as a language tool in the process of developing students’ communicative competence

First of all we’ll explore different beliefs we have about vocabulary. This Followed by some knowledge about Vocabulary, the English language and what students need to know. Next, we’ll be examining more closely the difference between vocabulary and lexis and deepening our understanding of what it means to know a word in English. Furthermore, we’ll have a look at different reasons why vocabulary is an essential part of language teaching. Additionally, we will have a look at the different aspects of presenting vocabulary, focusing on form, meaning, usage and pronunciation. Finally, we’ll have a look at some classroom activities to help with learning, practicing and reviewing vocabulary

Overview of the workshop

  • About the trainer
  • About the workshop
  • Experience and expectation reflection
  • Methodology
    • Vocabulary believes
    • How many words are there in the English Language?
    • How many words do we know?
    • How many words do students need to know?
    • Which level is each word?
    • Vocabulary vs Lexis
    • Why is vocabulary important?
    • How do we forget vocabulary?
    • What can we do about forgetting?
    • 4 Things involved in remembering
    • Teaching new Vocabulary: what to teach?
    • How to stop explaining vocabulary?
    • Eliciting vs Concept Check Questions (CCQs)
    • Comprehension Questions v CCQs
    • Learning to construct CCQs
    • Should CCQ’s be just questions?
    • The Golden Rules of CCQ writing
    • How to teach new vocabulary?
  • Different Vocabulary Activities
    • Participate in different icebreakers
    • reflect
    • give feedback
  • Teachers share resources
  • Additional resources
  • Final reflection and feedback

Additional information

  • This seminar is mainly for Primary and Secondary English teacher. Still, all of the activities are suitable for any language class. Additionally, some of these activities are also suitable for adult learners of English.
  • The seminar is done in a face to face setting.
  • The whole seminar takes place in English and good level of English is desired.
  • The seminar is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education.
  • The seminar can be adapted and changed as well as delivered online where needed, but then will no longer be accredited by the Czech Ministry.
  • A booklet is provided to all participants giving a detailed overview of the whole seminar as well as all the various activities.

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Kristof Abrath
Teacher, Trainer, Course Designer
Teaching in English on 4 different continents since 2006.

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