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Reading and Stories in the Primary classroom

Teacher Training workshops Reading and stories in the Primary classroom

Outline of the workshop

This 6 hr (8*45mim) seminar will have a look at using different stories/books in the primary classroom. Telling stories as well as listening to them has been an integral part of our culture. They have been used to pass on certain messages, as well as encourage language learning. Stories can be used to improve listening, reading, writing and speaking skills inside and outside the classroom. When used properly in the classroom, they can be a powerful learning tool for increasing passive as well as active use of the language.

Why include stories and Methodology 

Here we will have a look at why it’s a good reason to include stories in the Primary classroom. We will have a look at what is a good story book; Some FAQs about story books; How can we help children understand the stories better; How to plan a story based lesson; How we can adapt stories for the stories to help students better understand; How we can improve our story based skills; How to help students deal with some of the lexis; Some vocabulary games.

Different activities for using stories in the classroom

Here we will have a closer look what kind of activities you can do with your students before, during and after the reading of the story book

Reading combined with other skills

Here we will have a look at and practice different activities and games which use a combination of reading with other skills. For example: reading and vocabulary, reading and listening, reading and grammar, reading and writing, reading and pronunciation,….

Extra resources

In the final part of the seminar we will have a look and discuss extra resources we use to exploit reading skills, be it online or in printed form.

Overview of the workshop

  • About the trainer
  • About the workshop
  • Experience and expectation reflection
  • Methodology
    • Why include Stories into the Primary classroom
    • Why use storybooks?
    • What is a good storybook?
    • FAQs about story books
    • How can I help the kids understand the story?
    • How to plan a story-based lesson?
    • How can we adapt stories when needed?
    • How to improve your storytelling skills?
    • How to help students deal with Vocabulary?
    • Introducing new vocabulary
  • Games to review/ practice vocabulary
    • Before or after reading the book
  • Different activities for using stories in the classroom
    • Before the reading
    • During the reading
    • After the reading
  • Reading games
    • Vocabulary
    • Reading
    • Reading aloud
    • Pronunciation
    • Speaking
    • Listening
  • Different activities
    • Participate
    • Reflect
    • Give feedback
  • Teachers’ share resources
  • Additional resources
  • Final reflection and feedback

Additional information

  • This seminar is mainly for Primary and Secondary English teacher. Still, all of the activities are suitable for any language class. Additionally, some of these activities are also suitable for adult learners of English.
  • The seminar is done in a face to face setting.
  • The whole seminar takes place in English and good level of English is desired.
  • The seminar is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education.
  • The seminar can be adapted and changed as well as delivered online where needed, but then will no longer be accredited by the Czech Ministry.
  • A booklet is provided to all participants giving a detailed overview of the whole seminar as well as all the various activities.

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