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Tasked Based learning in the classroom

Teacher Training workshops Task Based learning in the classroom

Outline of the workshop

This 6 hr (8*45mim) seminar will look at developing and designing materials using the task-based approach. Task based learning has been around for quite some time in ESL/ELT and offers different benefits. Not only is it a more practical and engaging way to teach a language, it also encourages communication, collaboration and teamwork. All these soft skills which are extremely important for development and later career and employment, but are often neglected in the classroom. 

We’ll look at:

What is Task Based Learning

Here we will have a brief look at what the literature says about TBL, which should give us a better understanding of TBL. This we can use to have a look at the other parts in the seminar.

What are the different TBL tasks?

Here we will have an overview of what kind of tasks are included in TBL. Again we have a small look at what the literature says about the different tasks in TBL and how to check if it’s a task.

What are the different stages in a TBL lesson?

This section will give you a break down of the different stages in a typical TBL lesson. 

What are some of the advantages of TBL?

This will give us an overview of the different advantages of using TBL in the classroom.

What’s the differences between Tasked Based and Task Supported? 

Here we will have a look at TBL ‘light’ which gives us a lot more flexibility in the classroom.

How can we translate TBL into the classroom?

Here we will have a look at how to implement the theory into the classroom. Here we move from theory to general practice

What are some different TBL tasks for the classroom?

In this part we will have a look at some practical TBL tasks we can use/ introduce into the classroom. This varies from shorter tasks activities, to bigger 1 lesson tasks on to multi lesson projects. 

How can we create an audience?

Here we have a look at different ways to engage the students to share and have a look at each other’s results.

How can we grade or assess different tasks?

Here we will have a small look at the theory behind assessing TBL tasks and how we can practically do this in the classroom.

Overview of the workshop

  • About the trainer
  • About the workshop
  • Experience and expectation reflection
  • Methodology
    • What is Task Based learning?
    • What are TBL Tasks?
    • How to check if it’s a task?
    • What are the different lesson stages in TBL?
    • What are some of the advantages of TBL?
    • Tasked Based Language learning vs Task Supported Language teaching
    • How can we translate TBL into the classroom?
  • Practical classroom tasks
    • Listing and brainstorming Tasks
    • Ordering and sorting Tasks
    • Matching Tasks
    • Comparing finding similarities and differences Tasks
    • Problem solving
    • Sharing personal experiences, narrating and story telling
  • Assessing Different tasks in TBL
  • How to create an audience for a TBL task?
  • Different activities
    • Participate
    • Reflect
    • Give feedback
  • Teachers share resources
  • Additional resources
  • Final reflection and feedback

Additional information

  • This seminar is mainly for Primary and Secondary English teacher. Still, all of the activities are suitable for any language class. Additionally, some of these activities are also suitable for adult learners of English.
  • The seminar is done in a face to face setting.
  • The whole seminar takes place in English and good level of English is desired.
  • The seminar is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education.
  • The seminar can be adapted and changed as well as delivered online where needed, but then will no longer be accredited by the Czech Ministry.
  • A booklet is provided to all participants giving a detailed overview of the whole seminar as well as all the various activities.

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